How do I get an alarm permit?
There are two alarm permits available -- Residential or Commercial. Applications can be downloaded by going to: Alarm Permit Annual Permit Fees Residential Burglar Alarm $30 Burglar and Fire $50. Business Burglar Alarm $50 Burglar and Fire $75 Financial $100 (Non-Financial Alarm Users) On Dec. 4, 1984, the Grand Prairie City Council passed ordinance #3716 concerning the regulation of alarm systems within the city. The ordinance requires that commercial, residential and multi-family alarm users in the city obtain permits to remain active. The ordinance was modified in January of 1992. Alarm Permits are handled by Grand Prairie Municipal Court at the Frank W. Robertson Municipal Court Building 200 W. Main St. Grand Prairie 75050 Mon-Thu, 7:00am to 6:00pm Phone: 972-237-8652
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